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See you in 2025!


1st Place Winner - "Dinner Reservations" - Little Red Hen Studios
2nd Place - "Pants Party" - The Heinous Ratboys
3rd Place - "He Forgot t
he Shadows" - Team Nice Backpack


People's Choice Award Winner - "1991" - Team Riot Act
People's Choice Runner Up - "Pants Party" - The Heinous Ratboys


Best Production Design - "Pants Party"
Best Acting Brittany Clough - "Santa Slays"
Best Use of Secret Prop - "Santa Slays"
Best Use of Secret Dialogue - "Dinner Reservations"
Best Use of Secret Character - "Dinner Reservations"

Best Cinematography - "Pants Party
Best Story - "The Little Things"
Best Audio - "Dinner Reservations"
Best Editing - "Brad is Bad"
Best Makeup - "Santa Slays"
Best Directing - "Dinner Reservations"


Download the 2024 playbill here.

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